Meaningful {Southern California Bridal Pictures}

This is the field right behind my old house.

All eight of us lived in this one house at one time.  I lived there my whole childhood until I was 14. You know how childhood homes are; they are places we only remember in our young minds, making them almost magical in their immortal hue. This yard was my playground, my playhouse, and my jungle. It holds stories and secrets and special hiding places. It holds some my most precious memories. 

We all loved this place dearly and we still miss it. 
But we can still come back and reminisce, 
Because that's what good memories are for.

This is my dear sister and this was our backyard. 
We had so much fun shooting her bridals here.  My other sister helped with the reflector during the shoot, and we all laughed and laughed and loved this place once again.

Lindy & Kolten {Southern California Engagements}

 My sister and the lucky guy. (We really like him too. :)

Taken in my hometown. Oh how I love it there.


My sweet little one year old.

We had a little fun in the bluebonnets yesterday. :)

And then we took a few more...

(I couldn't help it.)


Gettin' hitched...

Next week!

So, I'm sharing a little sneak peek from their bridals in California a few weeks ago.

And what makes it even more special is that this is my dear sister, and this location is very dear to my heart. 

More on that and More pictures to come soon...

In the meantime, enjoy.

"The best thing to hold onto in life is each other."