Anna & Sarah

     FALL Is Here!! And I couldn't be happier taking pictures in it.  I LOVE everything about fall here--the cool weather with a tinge of summer warmth, the rich smells of fireplaces and holiday cooking, and the stunning colors!! Fall here is my favorite, and I was lucky enough to do this fun shoot in the canyon before the colors faded.

     Anna and Sarah are sisters a few years apart from each other.  Sarah is one of my best friends--and she's the one who set me up with my husband 2 years ago this month. :)  Her mom asked me if I could take some senior pictures of her sister Anna. I was most definitely up for it!  And of course we brought Sarah along to shoot a few pictures of the two of them together as well. :)

This one was actually taken by accident and I really liked it. I love it when that happens. Besides a little color pop, no photoshop.