Featured on Paperie Boutique!

For the past year I have been searching to find the perfect way to package my photography products for my clients.  My photography style is light and natural, so I tried to find packaging materials that would reflect that. I didn't want to deliver my products in the same standard print boxes and dvd cases as everyone else and the standard packaging products out there simply didn't match my style.  I wanted to find something I would love to receive myself! Unfortunately, my search for the perfect package setup was not an easy one.  I had a really hard time finding exactly what I was looking for, so I simply made some of the items myself. I am grateful, however, for the awesome companies out there that provide the beautiful dvd cases.

This is only a start. I have more ideas that I plan to incorporate in the next few months as well. Here's a few pictures of what I have created so far for my wedding packaging.

Oh! And I should mention... I submitted a few images of my wedding packaging materials to a contest for photographers on paperieboutique.com for a chance to win some really great products for my business and my clients...And my packaging was chosen as one of the finalists!! 


  1. I voted. Your entry is definitely my favorite!

  2. Noah and I loved the packaging that our pictures came in! We seriously showed everybody the packaging first and then the pictures :)

  3. Thanks Natalie!!
    Kaitie-I am so glad that you loved it!! Thanks for the feedback; it is definitely helpful. :)