Sarah & Michael

Sarah and Michael were so fun to photograph, and it's easy to see that they have a lot of fun together. Being one of Sarah's closest friends, I have seen this coming for a long time now, and I couldn't wait to do their engagements. We chose these locations because they represent the variety of things these two love to do together. They say they like to hike, bike, fish, climb, cook, sing, dance, and make each other laugh.  They are always on adventures and you can tell that they genuinely love being together.

A few of their engagement pictures...

Oh and one more thing.
I am throwing Sarah a bridal shower today and asked her fiance a few questions. 
I couldn't help but share his response to one. It was too sweet not to. 

 If you were to describe Sarah to someone who doesn’t know her, in just a few sentences, what would you say?

First I’d tell him/her that it’s a darn shame I only have a few sentences to describe how wonderful she is, but if I had to I would say, “ she is, in every way, the cutest girl God has blessed this world with. You could walk this world around 47 times and not find a more caring, loving, smart, and charming woman then Sarah. She is, in all respects, an angel, and I love her.”

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