A little something extra...

So a little personal history here...

I used to be very involved with video.  I loved making short films when I was younger and when I was 16 I worked for a wedding videographer for a few years (which is actually how I got introduced into the wedding business.) It was a wonderful learning experience. This videographer is now so so talented and I would highly, highly recommend him to anyone looking for a very talented, creative, and unique wedding videographer. His company is Ryan Southwell Films. Check his stuff out!

Anyway, I am by no means an expert with video, (which is why I don't offer it with my packages) but I do know how to put an amateur video together for fun (I do it with my own personal video footage.)  And it just so happens that I have video capability with my camera, so I snuck in a few video shots during Sarah and Michael's engagement session (and they had no idea. :)

So for Sarah's birthday (which was a few days ago) and an additional wedding gift, I made them this short little video to one of their favorite songs. I thought I might post it for some enjoyment. This couple is so sweet. The quotes on the video are from the bride and groom themselves (not from me).


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